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Small Business Owners: Do You Use AI for Marketing?

As a business owner, have you incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your marketing efforts?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about AI and how it is changing the way marketers create content. Let me say, it is really amazing, and I am jumping aboard the AI train! 


83% of small businesses already use AI


Having been in marketing for over 20 years, I have used tools, including Photoshop, to create content such as email blasts, website banners, ad campaigns, etc., so I am certainly not new to the concept of using a tool to create. 


However, AI tools really are a game changer, as far as the quality of the content and how quickly it can be created.  In my not-so-distant past, as the head of marketing, I had to hire a photographer and a graphic designer... Now, collecting good content is less cumbersome.  Which is great news for small business marketing practices!

NOTE: I am not discrediting the need for these professionals; however, for small businesses that don’t have a budget for a that headcount, creating content is still possible. 


Here is a snapshot of how I used AI to create new content:

Content-Aware Fill is when AI algorithms look at the context of a picture to fill in blanks while keeping the overall composition of the image visually consistent.

AI quickly fixed the image where the top of my head was cut off, preserving the overall integrity of the photograph and making it usable for marketing.

Background Removal used to be done by graphic designers with special software and a lot of talent to remove backgrounds. AI has brought this to the table with effortless, professional-quality results with a single click.

Background Replacement tools effortlessly transform the background of images. With just a few clicks, content creators can swap out backgrounds, transport their audience to new environments, and tell compelling stories.

AI can transform any image into a completely new scene, enhancing the overall impact and relevance to your business.

I went from sitting in a chair in a friend's living room to standing in a kitchen with a simple tool.

Image Restoration is a tool that easily revives old or damaged images. AI technology repairs imperfections, from scratches to discoloration, giving you professionally restored-looking images.

With a single click, an old image of my dad was replaced by a vibrant, timeless portrait that captured his essence.

My mom and sister loved seeing this one!

AI Image Generator allow you to create visuals that are aligned with your brand's narrative and messaging. While it is an amazing tool, it is quite complex, as there is art to what prompts to use. There are a ton of people talking about this and sharing their tips and tricks. So, find an expert that resonates with you, and then limit your intake to other sources to avoid information overload.

The text prompts were a middle-aged person sitting in a modern office in front of a Mac computer. Has an iPhone in their hand.

I then added the social media icons using Canva.


I have to say that AI tools are pretty amazing, and there are endless opportunities to improve a business’s marketing efforts. Getting on board the AI train will cut costs and boost creativity.


If you are a business without marketing efforts, your business risks remaining invisible to potential customers, limiting its reach and potential for success. It’s time to step up your game, and with so many resources at your fingertips, you really have no excuse!

If you need help with marketing, let's talk. Your business is worth it!


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